Checklists for Personal Digital Security

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Why use DigitalChecklist?

  • Have you ever lost files on your computer?
  • Have you ever forgotten passwords and been locked out?
  • Have you ever lost your 2FA backup codes?
  • Did you know it can take 2-4 weeks to get your AppleID re-set?

Doing a digital review helps avoid these nightmares, and DigitalChecklist makes your review easy!

What you'll get from DigitalChecklist

→ Digital Security eBook - A step-by-step guide that walks you through a review of your personal digital security

→ Data Security Checklist - a comprehensive spreadsheet that makes it even easier to check the boxes on your digital review

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Digital Security eBook Contents

  1. Setting a Routine
  2. Listing Key Accounts
  3. Checking log-ins, 2FA and backup codes
  4. Creating backups of your data
  5. Backing up to external hard drives
  6. BONUS: Password Management + Testing Account Recovery + Security Questions + File Clean-up

Digital Security Checklist Contents

  1. Editable spreadsheet template you can copy and re-use for each review
  2. Checklist of account types to cross-check
  3. Step-by-step checklist for backing up databases
  4. Accounts checklist (login, 2FA, backup codes, etc.)

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Reviewing your Personal Digital Security


Checklists for Personal Digital Security

0 ratings
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